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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Falling Glass Hits Man

This Man Has A Lucky Escape From Falling Glass Panel In Saudi Arabia 


 Could this incredible footage show the closest shave ever? Man somehow survives being hit by falling windowpane

Pane of glass plummets from the sky Pedestrian survives glancing blow as panel explodes in pieces

If this man would have been situated inches to the right he would likely not have survived the impact of this windowpane hurtling from the sky in this frightening accident.

Walking along the street in Saudi Arabia - this gentleman is more concerned that he's got something stuck to his shoe - than what is about to literally befall him.

Wearing a white tawb and red-and-white keffiyeh he is oblivious when a giant mirror comes speeding from above and narrowly misses his head.

The glass breaks into a million tiny pieces as it hurtles to the ground turns to dust and knocks him over with its velocity.

The man's checkered keffiyeh and his black agal are knocked clean off his head and mercifully it doesn't cut or harm him apparently disintegrating on impact.

At first he gets up and wipes himself down apparently a little shocked about what has just happened.