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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Soccer Mom MMA KO video sparks investigation

I think we all remember flinching with horror as pudgy "soccer mom" Katie Castro got starched by a professionally trained fighter at Xplode Fight Series.
XFS owner Gregg Sharp publicly defended the spectacle as the video quickly went viral, saying the video was actually shot six months earlier and that "if we were not in San Diego, no one would care."
Well, somebody seems to care now. According to an in-depth story by MMAfighting.com, the video has sparked an investigation by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) into unsanctioned events like XFS.
CSAC is considering sanctions against fighters who compete in these unregulated, Native American reservation shows, and will also look into whether some promoters like Sharp are committing criminal acts.
Although Native American reservations are beyond the jurisdiction of the CSAC, it can pull the license of fighters who participate in such events.
Jessica Penne, a UFC women's strawweight top contender, attended the January 2015 event to support a competing friend and was shocked at what she witnessed.
"We've come a long way from barnyard fights and all these crazy backyard fights. Our sport is so much better than that. We are athletes and I think we should hold ourselves to another standard. By supporting that kind of show, I think it holds us back. We deserve to fight in better organizations than that, in better venues than that, get paid better than that. People that continue to fight in these organizations, it's just devaluing us."
However, Sharp remains defiant that despite the fact Castro looked ill-prepared for the fight she's a "street fighter" and "far from a soccer mom." He contends that use of the term "soccer mom," which began with the website BJPenn.com, has been the main reason for the controversy.
"The quality of the fight turned out to be poor and unfortunately we're in the position we're in now. If that fight ended in a rear-naked choke in 42 seconds, this wouldn't be the same case."
Part two of a three-part investigation into this story from MMA reporter Marc Raimondi continues this weekend at MMAfighting.com.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hurricane Erika Headed toward The Coast of Florida

The physical damage to Dominica is worse than first thought and the emotional toll from Tropical Storm Erika, which killed at least 20 people on the tiny Caribbean island, is substantial, the nation's Prime Minister said Friday night.

"Rest assured, my brothers and sisters, you are not alone in your period of mourning in your period of pain, in your period of suffering and anxiety," Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit told the nation. "We are in this together and help is coming your way."
The storm has passed and was assaulting the Dominican Republic and Haiti on Friday night. It left behind swamped villages, eroded away roads and washed-away homes.
Some people were still missing, Skerrit said.
The Prime Minister, who was in Saint Lucia when the storm first hit, deflected criticism that the government didn't issue proper warnings to its 70,000 citizens.
"There is no need to indulge in blaming others for what has happened in Dominica," he told the nation. He said forecasters had been focused on the larger islands in the Caribbean and Florida.
Dominica was deluged by 12 inches of rain in fewer than 10 hours, CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said.
Trisha Scotland said the storm damage is the worst she's seen in her lifetime.
Scotland walked 6 miles from her home in Jimmit to the capital, Roseau, to check on her mother's business, photographing the devastation along the way.
"I've experienced at least six to seven hurricanes. I'm not even counting the storms. I'm not even counting the depressions," Scotland said.

The state of Florida has declared a state of emergency as of Friday morning, in anticipation of the arrival of Tropical Storm Erika and its potentially hazardous impacts.
A tropical storm landfall or close encounter now appears very likely for south Florida and much of the state may well be affected by the storm’s rainfall.
In the Miami area, tropical storm force winds could begin by early Sunday afternoon and last through late Monday morning.
Even though it’s a long shot that Erika becomes a hurricane prior to landfall, a tropical storm is quite capable of causing flash floods and power outages, as well as coastal erosion and flooding, and the winds can throw around unsecured loose objects.
Tropical storm warnings cover Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and much of the Bahamas.  A tropical storm watch is in effect for the western Bahamas and south Florida should be added later today.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Surprise! You Own a Super Cute Kitten Video

Sometimes you become a pet owner when you least expect it. Find out how this one woman happened to adopt one teeny, tiny, precious furball.

Catch DR JEFF: ROCKY MOUNTAIN VET Saturdays at 10/9c on Animal Planet:

Cute Kitten

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ashley Madison faces class-action lawsuit

Ashley Madison Lawsuit

Two Canadian law firms have filed a $578 million class-action lawsuit against the companies that run Ashley Madison after a hacker group's data breach exposed some 39 million memberships in the adultery website earlier this week.
Charney Lawyers and Sutts, Strosberg LLP, both of Ontario, said Friday that they filed the lawsuit on behalf of Canadians who subscribed to Ashley Madison and whose personal information was disclosed to the public. The website, with its slogan "Life is short. Have an affair," is marketed to facilitate extramarital relationships.
The lawsuit, filed Thursday in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, targets Avid Dating Life Inc. and Avid Life Media Inc., the Toronto-based companies that run AshleyMadison.com. Its class-action status "still needs to be certified by the court," the statement says.
Ashley Madison did not immediately respond to requests for comment. It has said that the personal details exposed in the initial data leak can't be used to prove the infidelity of their clients.
The plaintiff is Eliot Shore, an Ottawa widower. Shore said he joined the website for a short time in search of companionship after he lost his wife to breast cancer. He said he never cheated and never met up with any members of the site.
Lawyer Ted Charney told The Associated Press it is the first class-action suit filed against the companies in Canada.
In the U.S., Missouri lawyers have filed a class-action lawsuit in U.S. District Court seeking more than $5 million in damages. Lawyers filed a statement of claim late last month on behalf of an unnamed female plaintiff who said she ponied up $19 so Ashley Madison would purge her personal information from its website in a process called a "paid-delete."
The lawsuit argues that the privacy of Canadian members was breached in July when hackers infiltrated Ashley Madison's website and downloaded private information. The data breach includes users' personal names, emails, home addresses and message history. On Tuesday, the information was posted publicly online.
The law firms' statement said numerous former users of the website have approached them to inquire about their privacy rights under Canadian law.
"They are outraged that AshleyMadison.com failed to protect its users' information. In many cases, the users paid an additional fee for the website to remove all of their user data, only to discover that the information was left intact and exposed," lawyer Ted Charney said.
"The sensitivity of the information is so extreme and the repercussions of this breach are so extreme, it puts the damages faced by members in a completely different category of class-action suits," said Charney.
The law firms said the lawsuit is not being brought against the hackers, who have said they attacked the website in an effort to close it down as punishment for collecting a fee without actually deleting users' data.
The law firms did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and it was not clear in what court the class-action lawsuit was filed.
There are hundreds of email addresses in the data release that appear to be connected to federal, provincial and municipal workers across Canada, as well as to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the military.
According to the data breach, some of the website's customers made credit-card transactions from computers attached to the Department of National Defense and Canada's House of Commons.
The data, stored in more than 2,500 files, involved transactions spanning from March 2008 to several days in June of this year.
National Defense referred most questions to the federal Treasury Board, which has an overall responsibility.
Lisa Murphy, spokeswoman for the Treasury Board, would only say that the government has rules for the professional and personal use of its computers.
In a written statement, a DND spokeswoman echoed some of Murphy's statement, and said the department "has policies and practices in place to deter, detect and enforce unauthorized and prohibited computer use."
The credit-card information of U.S. government workers, some with sensitive jobs in the White House, Congress and the Justice Department, was also revealed in the data breach.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Los Angeles police search home of Gene Simmons, but he's not suspect

Los Angeles police search home of Gene Simmons, but he's not suspect

Gene Simmons Guilty of Crime

 Los Angeles police say a task force investigating Internet crimes against children served a search warrant at the home of Kiss rocker Gene Simmons, but neither Simmons nor anyone in his family is suspected in the case.

Lt. John Jenal says the warrant was served Thursday at the Simmons home in Benedict Canyon near Beverly Hills.

Jenal says the detectives involved want to emphasize that Simmons and his family were "extremely cooperative" and none of them are suspected of a crime.

Police would give no further comment on the investigation.

A representative for the Simmons family released an official statement to FOX411 on the home search.

“Members of the Los Angeles Police Department visited Mr. And Mrs. Simmons at their home to discuss a crime that may have occurred on their property last year while Mr. Simmons was away on tour with KISS,” it read. “Neither Mr. Simmons nor any member of his family is a person of interest in the investigation and they are cooperating fully with the investigation. At this time, the police have requested that Mr. Simmons and his family not discuss the investigation publicly so as not to compromise it."

Simmons’s wife Shannon Lee Tweed, 58, took to Twitter to respond to the situation tweeting, “Thank you for your support. We couldn’t be more horrified that someone used our residence for such heinous crimes. Law enforcement is on it.”

Their daughter, Sophie Tweed-Simmons, 23, posted a similar tweet Thursday evening.

The 65-year-old Simmons has been a central member of Kiss since the early 1970s. His family was the subject of a reality TV series that aired for several years

Dana White says Holly Holm is 'way more intriguing' for Ronda Rousey than Miesha Tate

Dana White says Holly Holm is 'way more intriguing' for Ronda Rousey than Miesha Tate

 Dana White says Holly Holm is 'way more intriguing' for Ronda Rousey than Miesha Tate

The movement to appoint former boxing champion Holly Holm as Ronda Rousey’s next opponent began in conference-room talks, Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White told the Los Angeles Times on Friday.

Immediately following Rousey’s 34-second knockout victory over Bethe Correia in Brazil on Aug. 1, both White and Rousey spoke as if it was a foregone conclusion that top-ranked contender Miesha Tate would get a third crack at Rousey (12-0) for the UFC women’s bantamweight title.
Tate in July impressed with a stand-up victory over a respected striker, Jessica Eye, and Tate also stands as the only fighter who’s taken Venice’s Rousey past the first round.
 Yet, when it came time to formally discuss plans of who’d be assigned to take on the imposing challenge of fighting Rousey Jan. 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the focus switched from Tate to an alternate type of challenge.

“We were talking about Miesha from the start, then as we started sitting around we were saying, ‘Everyone has seen the Miesha fight already,’ ” White said, referring to Rousey’s third-round armbar submission victory over Tate on Dec. 28, 2013, and her first-round armbar submission of Tate in the Strikeforce organization in March 2012.
“A third fight in a rivalry usually comes after the stuff we’d see in [Arturo] Gatti-[Micky] Ward,” White said of the classic boxing trilogy. “With Miesha, the result has been the same twice. Everyone’s already seen that fight.”
White said he’ll work to stage a fight between top-ranked Tate (17-5) and fourth-ranked Amanda Nunes (11-4) on the Rousey-Holm card.
“Theres two sides to the coin … I’m not sure losing another fight to Ronda so soon would be good for Miesha,” White said. “She’s not going anywhere. I think she’ll be fine.”

Molly Shattuck sentenced in child sex abuse case

Former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck was sentenced Friday to 48 weekends in jail after pleading guilty earlier this summer to a child sex abuse charge.

Former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck was sentenced Friday to 48 weekends in jail after pleading guilty earlier this summer to a child sex abuse charge.

Shattuck, 47, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree rape in June, admitting that she performed a sex act on a 15-year-old boy at a beach house in Delaware last Labor Day.
In a Delaware courtroom on Friday, Shattuck tearfully expressed remorse and apologized to the boy and his family.
"Mrs. Shattuck is extremely sorry for any pain and all pain she may have caused. She is determined to demonstrate, at this point, to all involved her sorrow, her remorse and full acceptance of responsibility for any poor decisions she made," defense attorney Michelle Lipkowitz said.
Shattuck pleaded for forgiveness, telling the judge: "I take full responsibility for what I did. I never intended to hurt anybody. I will spend the rest of my life making this right."
Shattuck addressed the allegation that she met the boy last year through text messages sent by her own son, saying, "I never should have responded and had conversations with someone else's son."
Shattuck's lawyer blamed her involvement with the boy, in part, on being emotionally distraught by the breakup of her marriage.
"Her husband left her without a whole lot of notice for a younger woman. It was abrupt," the attorney said in court.
Shattuck's Baltimore lawyer called Friday afternoon to say Shattuck wanted to clarify what her other lawyer said in court about her marital breakup, saying: "It is categorically untrue that my ex-husband or anyone else is to blame. No one else is to blame. I take full responsibility for my actions."
Prosecutors had asked for 22 months of jail for Shattuck, while defense attorneys sought no jail time in the case. The victim's parents asked the judge for incarceration, saying the impact on their son has been "devastating" and calling Shattuck a rapist.
"Ms. Shattuck is a criminal. She stole his innocence. He is changed," the boy's mother said in court.
Shattuck's full sentence was the maximum of 15 years in prison with all suspended but 48 weekends in jail. But that time hangs over her head and would come into play if she violates probation.
Shattuck must also pay the boy's family $10,000 and register as a sex offender for the next 20 years.
"He is punishing her, but the 48 weekends, he called it the (Violation of Probation) Center, it's basically jail, while at the same time, not punishing (Shattuck's) children and giving them the opportunity to be with her most of the time," defense attorney Eugene Maurer said.
Shattuck will serve her sentence over two years. She cried throughout the sentencing hearing, which was attended by her family. Before the hearing, Shattuck could be seen praying.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Friend Shooting A Sawed Off Shotgun "Fail". . I told him

My Friend Shooting A Sawed Off Shotgun "Fail". . I told him 

 Me And My Friend Testing Out The Sawed Off. . I tried Telling Him How To Shoot It. . But We All Know. . Black People Don't Listen. . Here's What Happen When You Don't Listen :) LOL

Drone shark footage

At PISMO beach Ca we flew out at 9:15am and wanted to get some surfers on a phantom 3 ...but saw a 10ft shark instead!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Teenager Spends $90K On A Trip To Europe And Blames Parents! ft. Silent Mike

22 Year Old Girl named Kim spends $90,000 meant for her Senior Year, and instead, took a trip to Europe and bought a lot of clothes. She then proceeds to blame her parents for not teaching her how to budget correctly.

The Angel Rice The All Star Games 5 double twists 4 lines HOLY CRAP! We love Angel Rice!

Angel Rice is a tank. 5 double twists, 4 passes. You know, she's just hanging out waiting to go on for Crowning ceremony at The All Star Games. She be crazy!